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Solar Powered by SGP

SGP offers particular solutions for self-consumption and generation of photovoltaic electricity. Individual applications are endless, from providing electricity to a house to recharge our batteries or our electric vehicles, all taking advantage of the free energy that the Sun offers us.

SunPlay Series

SunPlay series for isolated systems. The solar system charges a set of batteries that offer sufficient autonomy to disconnect from the electrical network. 

SunPlay: Basic kit system for hidden installation.

SunPlay home: Appliances Compact kit integrated in homes

Micro SunPlay: Kit system for low power

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SunPlay home, the revolution of solar energy in coexistence with the day to day of your home. Compact system to integrate it as an electric appliance in your kitchen, or any room in the house

  • SunPlay Mini home (2kw)
  • SunPlay Basic home (3kw)
  • SunPlay One home (5kw)
  • SunPlay Top home (6kw)
  • SunPlay XTop home (12kw)

SunPlay models range from 2kw to 12kw

  • SunPlay Mini  – 2kw
  • SunPlay Basic – 3kw
  • SunPlay One – 5kw
  • SunPlay Top – 6kw
  • SunPlay XTop– 12kw

FreeSun Series

FreeSun series for self-consumption systems without recharging batteries. The solar system commutes with the existing electricity grid, providing a reduction in energy costs of more than 80%. The generation powers range from 250w to 6kw.


The FreeSun Kit has a manual assembly and is easily installable. It is composed of:

  • Solar Pannel (variable number depending on the type of kit)
  • Battery charge regulator
  • Investor
  • Electrical wiring
  • Energy Counter
  • Assembly instructions

FREESUN models range from 250w to 6kw

  • FREESUN 0M25 – 250w
  • FREESUN 0M5 – 500w
  • FREESUN 1M5 – 1,5Kw
  • FREESUN 2M – 2kw
  • FREESUN 3M – 3kw
  • FREESUN 3M6 – 3,6kw
  • FREESUN 4M2 – 4,2kw
  • FREESUN 6M – 6kw

SunBat Series

SUNBAT series for solar battery charging systems. The solar system charges a domestic or vehicle starting battery through the capture of solar energy. The load currents at stable voltage of 12v or 24v range from 5A to 30A.


The SunBat Kit has a mounting manual and is easily installable. It is composed of:

  • Solar Pannel
  • Battery chage regulator
  • Electrical wiring
  • Assembly instructions

The SUNBAT models range from 5A to 30A of stabilized load current.

  • SUNBAT 10A
  • SUNBAT 20A
  • SUNBAT 30A

If you want to know more about our solar kits SUNPLAY, FREESUN and SUNBAT please contact us.