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In the industrial and agricultural sector, SGP provides solutions based on the photovoltaic generation of electric energy aimed at achieving total autonomy in the various industrial production processes, cold rooms, metallurgical industry, etc. As well as irrigation and pumping systems for agricultural work. Getting enough energy to achieve high levels of self-consumption with free energy and electric generation solutions to achieve the same levels in industrial processes.


  • Industry and general industrial processes
  • Agriculture and rural area

Energy Solutions

  • Autonomous pumping for irrigation in agriculture
  • Industrial led lighting
  • Low-power photovoltaic solar energy generation for rural isolated installation
  • Photovoltaic power generation in workshops and light industry, consumption or isolated

Other Services

  • Facility Services
Pumping for Autonomous Irrigation

Special application for photovoltaic generation used in agriculture and isolated area for the pumping of water in wells and irrigation pumping mainly. Through photovoltaic generation we convert a pumping system into an autonomous system without dependence on the electrical grid.

Generation Diesel Solutions - PV Diesel
  • It guarantees a minimum load of the generator and ensures a long life.
  • Total protection against return currents in case of total disconnection.
  • Ensures a stability in the power against shadows of solar radiation by cloud.